TLV MSK Accessories TLV MSK | Face mask - The Southside Grey

TLV MSK | Face mask - The Southside Grey

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Remember the days of strolling down Chapel St, long brunches with friends and coffee that turns into cocktails and dancing? This protective and versatile face cover was designed with those days in mind. Wear it as a face mask on the streets and pull it up for a head band when havin’ your treats. 


Melbourne, we miss you. 


The finer deets: 


Made in Melbourne, Australia


Designed for comfort and style 


Single layer Red & Grey. 


Navy is double layer. 


Wide, covering nose to chin  


One size fits all (adults) 45 cm - 55 cm


Washable and reusable


Gathered side detail 


40 mm elastic 


Keepsake headband or ski buff post Covid


Designed to be worn, not put in landfill 


Care Instructions:


Please hand wash or machine wash masks  with soap or detergent before and after each use. Masks should be washed every time they are handled or after 4 hours of use. Once the mask has been washed, hang or lay flat to dry in sun light. Our masks are designed to be durable you can wring it out. Do not apply a hot iron.