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By Charlotte | I Am Present, Root Chakra Necklace - Gold



Connect to the root chakra mantra “I am present, and I am safe” and feel grounded by the garnet stone. Our Root Chakra Necklace will help you find security and stability when you are feeling uncertain. Find solid ground as you unblock and heal your root chakra. Wear each pendant on its own or mix and match to set your intention for the day—the possibilities are endless. 


Available in Sterling Silver and 18k Gold Vermeil.


Pendants are removable from chain for customisation.

Length: 22 inches, adjustable to 18 or 19 inches.

Large Pendant: 20mm diameter; brushed finish.

Small Pendant: 16mm diameter; polished finish.

Garnet Pendant: 5mm; brilliant cut.


By Charlotte | I Am Present, Root Chakra Necklace - Gold